About Us

Econfinity is an online research venture with an aim to create a dialogue on critical issues pertaining to economics, finance, and public policy- with the medium of well-curated researched content that provides an in-depth analysis on various cross-cutting themes.

Addressing economics as an interdisciplinary subject, our research interest lies in developing literature that pertains to the intersection of economics with geopolitics, gender, history, technology, and law. Our chief objective is to break down complex concepts into comprehensible ideas. The online community strives to open the doors for an intellectual discourse by breaking free the exclusivity of knowledge.

What we do

Articles and Opinion Pieces

Analytical research on topical issues and publish research papers from readers.

Social Media Outreach

Create regular digestible content on economics for a continuous engagement with Econfinity community members.


A YouTube channel dedicated to creating digital content on concepts and application of economics in regional language (Tamil).

Join Us

Are you excited about our model and want to be a part of our growing community?

1. Follow the writing guidelines and submit your work to us to get published on the website. Watch our social media space and contribute by pitching suggestions.

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3. Subscribe to the regional YouTube channel and show support by sharing it with your Tamil speaking network.